Questions about the technology

Where are the data of NutriMe products from? Are they from the individual's genetic tendency and how do you get them?

After customers take the NutriMe product, how can we find out whether it is effective or not? Is there any data that shows the effect directly?

How do you put those different ingredients in ONE sachet and how to implement and guarantee bioavailability?

The supplements from NutrieMe contain water-soluble vitamins. If taken in excess, do they pass straight through the body? If so, there would be never any build-up.

The supplements also contain the vitamins A, D3 and E which are all fat-soluble vitamins. Normally fat-soluble vitamins should not be taken daily because, rather than passing straight through the body, the body stores any excess in the liver and fat tissue when not used. Is that true?

I am concerned that if the pure supplements are taken daily, there will indeed be a gradual build up of these fat-soluble vitamins in the body. This can be toxic and lead to health problems. Are the research scientists not concerned about the build-up of these vitamins in the body, and if not, why not?

The upper level of the RDA for Vitamin D is very low. Excess is proven to be toxic to the body. Could it be supplied to children or is it toxic to small bodies?

In case of an excess build-up of Vitamin A, could it have a negative effect on eyesight?

Is there is any benefit to taking Vitamin E because it is in excess in almost every diet (vegetable oil) and not a vitamin people are normally deficient in?

Should people take a blood test first to assess any fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies before taking dietary supplements?

Is the selection of micronutrients expanding in future?