General questions and answers


Is the genetic defect frequent enough to justify a genetic test?

Are you adequately advise?

Are the results easy understandable?

You have an increased risk of disease ... - now what?

Are there effective preventive measures for the disease?

If it is a medical service or a “just for fun” test?

Are the genetic tests scientifically validated?

Are the preventive programs under medical supervision?

Is your data safe?

Where can I carry out an analysis?

What is oxidative stress?

What kind of human probe is needed for the genetic analysis?

How are the genetic results communicated?

Will I be able to understand the genetic results?

Can I cancel a genetic analysis after I have sent in my saliva specimen?

Tips & Tricks for the saliva collection

How much does the analysis cost and what is included in the price?

How exactly does the gene analysis work?

What are the qualifications of the personnel?

What exactly will be examined in the analysis?

How many genes will be analyzed?

How did the company or the idea for the genetical analysis into existence?

How many clients das Genosense have? Does Genosense aim at a specific target group? Is there an intense competition?


Should I have my genes regularly tested?

Do I even want to know my disease risk?

Are the precautionary measures more than just general health suggestions?

Are genetic defects often enough to be worth getting tested?

Can I correct my genetic defects?

Should I be afraid of the result?

What results/feedback do the clients get (indications on incompatibilities and risks of allergies, hints for the diets, a diet plan, sport recommendations)?

Why is a diet which is tailored to the given metabolism profile more effective than a standard diet? Are there scientific proofs for this?