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Medical Certification Package

Suitable for medical professionals!

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Medical Certification Package

Take this test for the following sections to get certified!

The »Medical Certification Package« contains the multiple choice tests 1 till 4. By purchasing this package, you will get certified for those sections of Genoacademy.

How it works

  • You purchase the tests your want to take through this website.
  • Our team will review your purchase and then forward the multiple choice tests via email.
  • Try to answer as many of them correctly and then return the filled out form to our team for analysis.
  • Should you have achieved 80% or higher, we will create a certificate, print it and send it to your desired address.
  • Should you not have achieved 80%, you have the chance to re-submit a newly filled out form and try again.

Which sections are covered by this test?

TEST 1: Basic genetics

What are genes?
How are genes inherited?

TEST 2: Genetic Statistics

Disease risk statistics

TEST 3: Pharmacogenetics

Pharmaco Sensor

TEST 4: Medical Preventive Genetics

Breast Health Sensor
Prostate Health Sensor
Bone Health Sensor