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Full Package

Take the test for all sections to get fully certified!

The full package contains all multiple choice tests from all sections. By purchasing this package, you will get certified for all sections of GenoAcademy.

How it works

  • You purchase the tests your want to take through this website.
  • Our team will review your purchase and then forward the multiple choice tests via email.
  • Try to answer as many of them correctly and then return the filled out form to our team for analysis.
  • Should you have achieved 80% or higher, we will create a certificate, print it and send it to your desired address.
  • Should you not have achieved 80%, you have the chance to re-submit a newly filled out form and try again.

Which sections are covered by this test?

TEST 1: Basic genetics

What are genes?
How are genes inherited?

TEST 2: Genetic Statistics

Disease risk statistics

TEST 3: Pharmacogenetics

Pharmaco Sensor

TEST 4: Medical Preventive Genetics

Breast Health Sensor
Prostate Health Sensor
Bone Health Sensor

TEST 5: Nutrigenetics

Weight Sensor
Nutrition Sensor

TEST 6: Performance Genetics

Performance Sensor