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Baby Sensor 100+

Baby Sensor 100+

Timely actions for the health of your child

Your baby's body develops very quickly during the first years; as such, the presence of an undiagnosed and therefore untreated genetic disease can have serious consequences for the health of your child. With Baby Sensor 100+ you take the necessary precautions!

Many people are carriers of genetic diseases that may cause no symptoms, but can be inherited by their children. The Baby Sensor 100+ tests your toddler for more than 100 genetic disorders, and if necessary, allows you to initiate timely treatment. Severe consequences, such as physical and mental disabilities can be prevented in many cases. The signs of the relevant diseases are detected based on the abnormal metabolites in urine.

This test focuses on diseases that occur in the very young age of 0-5 years. Other genetic analyses from our product range, focusing on diseases that occur in adulthood, are not covered by this test.

Baby Sensor 100+ is one of the most extensive and accurate neonatal tests currently available.

For whom is Baby Sensor 100+ appropriate?

  • for every baby starting with 48h after birth
  • the sooner, the better
  • after 5 years of age, there are only limited benefits for preventions

Frequency of the analysed diseases

Many of these diseases are relatively rare and it is unlikely that a child will develop this particular disease. However, because we are testing over 110 diseases, the frequency of the disease (and the immediate need for action) is relevant. If you take the estimates from public sources and own experiences from several hundred thousand samples into consideration, there is a 0.53% probability that a newborn will develop one of these diseases, which is one child out of 189 which will need immediate diagnosis and treatment to prevent any severe consequences.

Overview (please click to enlarge):

The benefits

  • diagnosis of more then 100 congenital metabolic diseases
  • timely preventive or treatment options of the disease
  • potential avoidance of retarded development and/or disability
  • analysis of 250 metabolites in urine
  • analysis with the next generation of neonatal screening technology (GC/MS)
  • a comprehensive analysis report
  • if necessary, scientific and medical support for the attending pediatrician

Weight gain and weight loss techniques

The signs of the relevant diseases are detected based on the abnormal metabolites in urine. The urine sample can be easily taken using a filter paper and then sent to our laboratory by mail. The sample is evaluated in our laboratory by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. This method detects any abnormalities in the composition of the urine, which can make statements about the presence of a congenital genetic disease. If these diseases are detected early enough, medical therapies can begin immediately, thus preventing the development and progression of the disease, or significantly improve the patient condition.