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NutriMe Weight Management

NutriMe Weight Management

Chapter 5

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Find out how personalized medical products according to your genes can help with improving your weight loss success even further. Training for the NutriMe Weight Management supplements for the DNAnutriControl program.

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Section 1: Intro NutriMe

Chapter 5. NutriMe Weight Management. This is basically a personalized medical product that we create to improve weight loss success. Basically, in the layout, NutriMe is our personalized supplement brand and in the product layout you will see it here. So, the weight sensor is all about the genetic test for improved weight loss and NutriMe Weight Management is an add-on. You need this genetic test to be able to order this NutriMe Weight Management product.

Section 2: The Lipid Absorption Matrix (LAM)

Now, let me explain the concept of this. It consists of a mixture of two registers of medical products. A medical product means a kind of a nutritional supplement but it requires scientific studies that prove that it works the way you claim. We have two of this medical product that have been shown in scientific studies to work as advertised. They have quite technical names, don not worry about remembering them. One of them is the Lipid Absorption Matrix, LAM, and it reduces fat absorption by twenty six percent. The other component is the Polysaccharide Absorption Inhibitor, PAI, and it reduces carbohydrate absorption up to sixty six percent.

Now, it we look at the concept in the intestine; someone eats a fatty meal and takes the Lipid Absorption Matrix as well. It is a pill that we swallow together with food. So, fat could either be absorbed and then stored and makes you overweight or it is bound by the Lipid Absorption Matrix; it can increase in volume and grabs onto fat and does really see for your body will absorb it. Now, if you have already watched the weight management sensor which I really recommend that you do before this training, you would have learned that if a person eats a fatty meal, the fat is in the intestine and then the body starts to absorb it. But, eventually a gene kicks in and says ok thank you that was enough. The rest will stay in the intestine.

Now, if you think about it, if you have a gene protecting you from absorbing too much fat, then what is going to happen if you add the Lipid Absorption Matrix? It is just going to absorb the fat that would have stayed in the intestine anyhow. So there is absolutely no benefit from it. There is no point in using the Lipid Absorption Matrix if you are sensitive to amount of fat. Now, some people have a genetic variation in this gene so they would in theory absorb all of the fat available and of course it is beneficial. Then, any fat, that you could take away from your body, that can bind to make sure the body cannot absorb and take it up, will reduce your weight gain through this fat. In this case this is an absolutely good idea. So fat absorption will be reduced in these two people, only in fat-sensitive people. According to studies it is twenty six point six percent less fat absorption. Alright, so this is the Lipid Absorption Matrix.

Section 3: Polysaccharide absorption inhibitor

The other part, the Polysaccharide Absorption Inhibitor looks like this: sugar or carbohydrates are usually kind of long chains, lots of sugar molecules bound to each other, so a lot of them are pieced together. And the body cannot absorb these huge molecules. It first needs an enzyme, an enzyme is like small scissors, that recognizes long genes and cut them up in small pieces and the small pieces can then be absorbed and they carry the calories, energy and they can then cause you to gain weight. Se we need to have long chains cut into small pieces before they can be absorbed.

Now, the polysaccharide absorption inhibitor, you can see these little triangles, they block the enzymes so they cannot work anymore. So what happens? You eat carbohydrates, you add this inhibitor and what happens? The carbohydrate are not pieced or cut into pieces and they are not absorbed. So, we really need this information from this gene test here; I am very sensitive to carbohydrates so we need a lot of carbohydrates absorption inhibitors. And do you gain weight from fat? Hardly. So a fat-binding system is not going to be very effective for you. So depending on if you are more low carbohydrates or more low fat, we would add more of the one component or more of the other based on your genetics.

Section 4: The package

Alright. So by doing the genetic test we then find out what mixture is going to be most effective, then you can take this as an additional aid to weight loss. This is actually an old picture, this is how it looks now. These are blisters, small compartments and every one of them contains a personalized mixture of the two components based on your genes. It will say your name in here. And for your lunch, you just take the content from this and swallow the pills with half a liter of water before lunch and then you can eat your meal and then it will reduce the amount of calories that you absorb from food. And you take one for lunch and one for dinner. You do not take one for breakfast in this case. And this here for example for two weeks, because you have two per day, that is fourteen-day worth and if the person wants to have more we get more of these.

Now, they are produced as they are being ordered. So, a person that wants to order this supplement, they will have to have a genetic test. In the genetic test they have a recipe code and this recipe code needs to be submitted for us when we do the order, otherwise we do not know what the genetics are to produce this personalized. And just some background information; we will have the customer’s name, it is made of natural plant fiber, there is nothing chemical, it is not using genetically modified organisms and it has a scientifically proven effect. The last question is how long should a person take this? One way would be to just take it during the weight loss phase, to lose weight and then change your nutrition and maintain weight. Others, from our experience, like to take it continuously, they just take one a day, only for lunch or only for dinner. It helps them maintain their weight. So, it is up to the person, it is probably a very good idea doing it during the weight loss phase and may be a good idea doing it during the stability phase. And that is the end of chapter number five, NutriMe Weight Management as a personalized medical product for weight management, as an addition to the Weight Sensor.

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