Hypertension Sensor

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Hypertension Sensor

Chapter 43
Hypertension and genetics

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Section 1: Intro

Chapter 43, Hypertension and genetics, which is a specific counseling/training for the Hypertension genetic test. You will find this test here. It has two roles. It is good in prevention. It helps you to prevent hypertension even if genetically you are predisposed or it helps to improve treatment. It is not necessarily helpful in early diagnosis because to be honest you could take any blood pressure measurement device and test if you have high blood pressure. You do not need a genetic test for this. However, in prevention and early treatment, this kind of test is indeed helpful. It could be recommended for people without hypertension as well as for people who already have it and want improved medical treatment for it.

Section 2: The Hypertension Sensor

As I said, here is the Hypertension Sensor. It has two functions: prevention and better treatment. Here is one of the genes. In case this table does not mean anything to you, please do watch the simple disease risk statistics which will explain everything to you.

Just quickly here is the result of this person. This person belongs to 33 % of the general population that have the same genetics. It does not have a predisposition to high blood pressure. The other genetic types have an increased odds ratio of 6.1 fold risk. Again, this will be explained in more detail in the simple disease risk statistics training. Here is the science behind it, in case you want to check out on our claims. For the next gene, 20 % have the C/C genotype and they have 1.4 fold increased risk for high blood pressure. For the ADRB1 gene, 50 %, half the population, also have an almost 2 fold increased risk of high blood pressure. Combining these three genes together, we look at each one of those genetic variations.

This is the result. Here is the odds ratio telling us the risk for having high blood pressure. One of them confirms the risk in this case. All of them could be negative which is very high risk. In this case you would be on this scale here, the red area or all of them are positive, in the green area. This person has a quite positive type of results. So, this person is around here. This is the scientific research which I would not usually explain too much to patients because it is just statistically complicated. What I would say is this is the bar, the optimal case, the worst case, and you are here in this case. So, it is quite good. If the person would be here, I would say prevention is very important for you especially the check-ups because you have a very high likelihood of developing the disease. With certain preventive measures, we can reduce your risk and your blood pressure.

Section 3: Prevention

As preventive advice, you will find out a whole page of the single prevention steps and the recommendations that you should follow. So, do read through them once. I am just quickly summarizing them.

One is do not smoke. Smoking increases blood pressure. It is not just lung cancer that causes these problems, also smoking. Alcohol should only be drunk in moderation, preferably red or white wine in this case because it has a lot of antioxidants that can actually be beneficial. Drinking more increases blood pressure. Having an optimal body weight is also important. Obesity, being overweight, increases your blood pressure. Regular exercise, 30 minutes several times a week, would be beneficial. That reduces blood pressure. Table salt use is also detrimental to blood pressure. You should try to reduce it under 6 grams per day. You should follow a balanced healthy diet with lots of foods and vegetables. This will also improve things. You should measure your blood pressure regularly. Get yourself a blood pressure machine and then you can just measure it and keep an eye on your blood pressure. This is prevention. If you follow these steps and you have modified your lifestyle in such a way you give your body the best chance to maintain an optimal blood pressure.

Section 4: Treatment

The second aspect is better treatment. In some cases, lifestyle interventions might not be enough. Then, you will have to start with drug intervention. There is a training which we really recommend. It is about the Pharmaco Sensor, the Pharmaco genetics, which explains how drugs might either cause side effects or no effect at all based on genetics. The concept is a certain drug, which you might use to combat high blood pressure, is broken down by a certain gene. if this gene does not work, it might not be broken down at all. Then, you can take it every day. You increase the amount of the drug in your body until it starts getting extreme side effects.

What we can is we make a list like this in which you can see the different types of drugs. The effect you would expect is normal, none/low, normal, likely higher and how fast the drug is broken down. The first drug here is broken down 100 % at a normal speed. The second drug is not broken down at all. So, if this person would take this drug several times, the level would go up and it could cause very severe side effects and it will take very long for the body to recover. Then, the recommended dose would be adapted to the genetic breakdown speed. If it is not broken down, you should not use any of this drug. Then, you should use an alternative if possible. This drug here is broken down only half as fast as it should be. So, only half the dosage would be required. Again, it would be good if you use an alternative.

As you can see here certain drugs are not a problem, others are because of the state of genes. Then, it would be good to prefer some drugs that are broken down normally and avoid the ones that have reduced breakdown. Here, we can really improve the medical therapy which is probably the biggest benefit of this genetic test. Many people take blood pressure-lowering drugs and it is important to have the right drug in the right dose to have the right effect and avoid side effects.

This is the end of chapter 43, Hypertension and genetics, a specific counseling and training for the Hypertension Sensor.

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