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Instructions for genetic analysis requirements with the sample set

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Find out how you can request a genetic analysis and what to look for when using the sample sets.

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Sample set instructions

An explanation on how to request a genetic analysis

Our sample sets are similar with this, but there are different versions.

There is a plastic cushion with a sticker with the address. The whole thing is a return envelope.

There is various information inside, and I would like to briefly go over it with you so you can get an overview of how the whole thing works.

It starts with an application form. It's kind of booklet, where you will find some information, such as informed consent and instructions on how everything works.

In any case, I recommend you read the booklet; I will now go through it once with you.

This is the cover. This set is suitable for sampling saliva, blood or urine. These are the three different samples that can be taken in order to contract any analyses in our portfolio.

Application form

Here is a brief introduction of what genes are and how they affect our health. I suggest that you read this page again, so that you can tell your customers and patients what it says.

Next, you come to the page regarding the analysis. There are medical tests, lifestyle tests and other analyzes that require blood or urine. Medical genetic testing and lifestyle genetic testing always work with saliva. The blood and urine analyzes also fall under the field of lifestyle, but they are not really genetic tests. For this, a blood or urine sample is required, which can be sampled with this set.

It is important that you accept the Terms and Conditions. One has to be clear about what a genetic analysis means, what rights one has, and what genetic analysis one actually wants.

DNAhealthControl Analyses

The next page is already about the choice of products. This is the choice of DNAhealthControl analyses. Depending on what is ticked here, we know what analysis we have to do.

Please make sure that something is ticked. If we receive a form where nothing is ticked we will need to make further inquiries, delaying the analysis.

The DNAhealthControl is delivered in the form of a booklet. Even if three things were randomly ordered, you will find them organized in this booklet.

You can see more of our great products on the top of the page. The Premium Sensor contains all the products up to this point, and the Premium Plus Sensor contains almost everything.

The three things from the bottom of the page are not included in any package, because that would not make sense.

Please note that nutrition is included in the Premium Plus package from DNAnutriControl, nutrition and weight management are included in the Premium Plus package.

Here are the Lifestyle Analysis (DNAnutriControl program). There are analyses that foresee no diseases, but help in adjusting the lifestyle.

You can check the information you are interested in: only nutrition or weight and the food table.

NutriMe Complete deals with genetically created dietary supplements, which can be ordered for 3, 6, 9 months or as subscription.

The recipe book and NutriMe weight are the supportive medical devices for reducing the calorie intake from food.

Bellow that you can find the allergy analysis and the newborn urinalysis.

Back to the product range – everything can be done with a saliva sample. You will find three saliva samples smears in the set, please use them for the genetic testing. All the genetic tests offered by the DNAnutriControl can be made using the saliva sample.

Below that, you can see a drop of blood next to the products. We need blood samples for allergy and foodprint analysis, and we provide another sampling set for these. In the set you will find two lancets. Lancets are small devices which one places on the fingertips. You should hold your hand downwards after stitching. The blood is then pushing out from the wound and can be collected into the small tube.

Then there is the newborn screening analysis. Here we examine metabolic products in the baby’s urine. The urine is collected with a filter paper, dried, put back into the bag and then sent to us.

These are the three set options that we have. Allergy sensor and Foodprint are both blood tests and if both are ordered, it is very important that we get two blood samples. We need a blood sample per analysis.

There are two collecting tubes in the set. If you have an older set with only one tube, just take the second one from another set.

So it is very important that we get two blood samples when two allergy analyses are ordered. Please note that sending us only one sample will lead to delays, because we will have to organize a new sample.

Customer data

The customer data will be entered in the next part. Please use captal letters. The height, weight and date of birth are very important. We cannot do a lifestyle analysis without these data. We need the height and weight to calculate the basal metabolic rate, among others. Therefore, if the yellow areas not filled in, the analysis is stopped in the laboratory simply because we cannot go on. We need to contact you to get the data, which is very time consuming and delays the analysis. Please make sure that the yellow areas are filled in.

Title, name, address, zip code, etc. must also be specified and we also need the ethnicity. It is not only required by law, but also important for some genetic tests, because there are different interpretations depending on ethnicity.

Many of the genetic variations that we analyze are the same for everybody and have identical effects, but please tick the appropriate ethnicity.

Under referring physicians you must specify which physicians (medical, gym etc.) sent us the analyses. Please use the company stamp or simply write down from whom the request is coming from, so that we know where to send the results.

You can indicate here if the invoice recipient is different (referring physicians, customer, or other address).

Preferred report dispatch

You can receive a softcover book or the digital version via email. You will receive an encrypted link and a password, which you may use to download the report.

Please tick the "printed report sent to referring physicians or customer" if you would like the booklet. I want to say that it is always better to send the booklet to the referring physicians. Do not tick the client if you do not want the booklet to be sent directly to the customer. A consultation with the physician should take place in case of a medical booklet.

The additional cost for the booklet is 18 Euro; even if you choose the full program and you receive two booklets the amount will be the same, 18 euros, including shipping. So if you tick that you want to have a booklet, it means an additional cost of 18 Euro in Germany, 29 in Europe and 40 worldwide.

Alternatively or additionally, it is possible to tick that you would like to receive the report via e-mail. There are no additional costs for this.

Preferred language

We offer many languages, but because our offer continuously evolves we cannot guarantee that all the content is immediately available in all languages. You can choose which language you would like. German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Swedish are typically the languages for which we have translated everything.

If the product is available in the selected language, you will receive it as desired. Otherwise, we will send it in the languages of this set, i.e. English or German. Everything is available in English and German.

If you wish to pay by credit card, you can specify all the data here; additional health information can be entered below.

Lifestyle analysis

If lifestyle analyses have been ordered, i.e. analyses that have nothing to do with medicine such as blood tests, urine tests, losing weight or for following a healthy diet, then you need to fill out this form.

The lifestyle questions you need to answer in this case are only referring to height, weight, date of birth, desired weight and the basal metabolic rate (if known), as it comes to the amount of burned calories per day for a person who does not exercise. But it is not bad if the basal metabolic rate is unknown.

The physical activity of 'very easy' to 'very active'. 'Very active' would be if the person who runs around all day and lifts heavy loads; 'very easy' is used for sedentary activities.

Then you can specify what foods you want or you should avoid. Dairy products, nuts, fish, etc. What you tick here will be taken into account in the diet plan. The food products containing nuts will be marked with a warning sign when it was stated that nuts should be avoided.

Next, it is important to note the diseases the person is suffering from. For example, if the person suffers from diabetes, we can adjust the diet so that it is the optimal diet for diabetics. If you tick here a disease, on one hand the DNAnutriControl will create a genetically appropriate diet plan, and on the other hand it will adjust this plan to the already know disease. So it makes perfect sense to tick the existing diseases.

You can also specify whether you are a smoker, a competitive athlete, bodybuilder or pregnant.

Neonatal analysis

For the neonatal analysis (urinalysis) you have to fill in the first name, last name, gender, birth date (very important) and specify the ethnicity. With this information, we can perform the analysis.

Allergy analyses

There are some questions you need to answer for the allergy-analysis. If you do not understand a question, just skip it. This part has to be completed only if you have ordered the blood test for allergies.

Medical questions

If you have information, please provide it. If you do not have any information, simply leave this page empty, this is not a problem. We hardly have any data for most of the orders we receive, and this is not too problematic.

When there is a high diabetes risk we recommend precautionary measures; however, if the person already has diabetes, which we know because you ticked it here, we recommend no precautionary measures, but we help in better dealing with the disease. Existing information have consequently an impact on the recommendations.

Declaration of consent

Genetic analysis can be made only with the consent of the person. The customer should read the consent form. It contains information about what are the limitations of the tests, what rights they have and so on.

The DECLARATION OF CONSENT must be signed. Medical genetic analysis cannot be performed without the stamp and signature of a doctor.

Lifestyle analyses are possible without a doctor’s consent, because they are not specifically referring to diseases. These analyses are also used by gyms and nutritionists.

Operational information

Our analyses are performed relatively quickly. I recommend, however, that you do not give your customers the average time, but say it may take 2 to 4 weeks, so that no false expectations are raised. If you tell the customer it will take 4 weeks but we only need 2, then the customer will be pleased. If it’s the other way around, the customer will be unhappy.

There is also information about how the whole thing can be sent. We go through it once, so that you see how it works.

Saliva sample

We need this tube if a gene analysis is ordered. Everything is clearly described. It is very important that the customer does not eat or drink anything at least 30 minutes, better yet, two hours, before sampling. Brushing the teeth or rinsing the mouth is also counterproductive. If these conditions are not respected the result is usually relatively poor.

It is important to know: the better the quality, the faster the analysis. If the analysis takes a long time, it means that the quality of the sample was very poor. We have three swabs. We try with the first swab, and have no results. Then we had to take the second swab, retry, and we already spend twice as much time as initially planned. By the third swab we try a different technique, but this may also not work if the quality is too bad.

It must be clear to you that this issue is always 100 % evaluable. Internationally, the average is about one out of 30 cases in which the three samples are insufficient, and new samples must be subsequently requested.

We have special swabs with certain advantages. They are very high quality and also cost a bit more, but we have a very low rate, only about one in 150 customers must send in an additional sample.

So we are well below the international average, but again, it will happen sometimes. If the rate is higher, this is because the sampling was not done properly and the customer ate or drunk something beforehand.

So please pay attention to the correct procedure, so that you get fast analyses and have happy customers.

It works like this: tear open the package and remove the swab. The customer can also do it alone. The front part must not be touched, it must be placed into the mouth and moved around with similar speed as a toothbrush. Everywhere, cheek, under the tongue, on the tongue and on the gums. Let the customer do this for 30 seconds. Then place it back into the tube, it will dry by itself. The same must be done with the other two swabs.

Please do not put the tubes back into the plastic. It is important that they dry - they have a valve to dry. The moisture can escape and the sample dries. When you put the sample back into the plastic it cannot dry, and the sample can get moldy.

Please do not open the unused sets and return them to us; this enables us to reduce the costs. If they are intact, they can be reused.

The form must also be sent along. Make sure that the content is not visible from inside. So wrap the form around the tube.

You can use the sticker to close it and then send the whole package as a normal letter.

We have the best quality of cotton swabs if somebody takes the sample the first thing in the morning after getting up. This means, without previously brushing the teeth or eating breakfast. That is the best quality that one can get.

Urine sample

Here is about the urine sample from a child. The point is that these three strips of filter paper are soaked with the child’s urine, then dried and put back into this bag. That's the goal of this set. Is up to you how you do that.

There are three methods:

1. Keep the filter strips before the genital area of the baby and wait with some patience until the strips are soaked.

2. Place the filter strips in the diaper and check regularly that the strip has soaked in urine. Throw the strip away and use a new one is stool gets mixed in. We need pure urine samples.

3. Catch the urine in a container.

What you shouldn’t do is put the strip in a wet diaper and push, because that is only diluted urine, which we cannot properly analyze. In this case we will not get wrong result, but simply no results at all.

The strip must be somehow soaked with urine, properly dried and then placed back into the bag.

Blood sample

Physicians have the opportunity to take blood from your vein. Others (gyms, dietitians) are not allowed to do this. Therefore, it is legally important that you handle it as described here. These lancets are similar to what a diabetic uses for measuring his blood sugar. These small lancets are there to make a small prick on the fingertip.

This is how it works::

1. Take a sterilization fabric and sterilize the finger.

2. Take the lancet. Rotate and remove the top piece. The lancet only works once. It is better to place it sideways on the middle finger and press the button. A small puncture will appear on that spot, but you shouldn’t feel much pain. If you hang down your hand the blood will accumulate there and easily flow out.

3. Collect the blood in the small tubes. The line indicates 300 microliters, and you must reach it. Please do not send less. After you finished, sealed the tube.

4. Place the small tubes back into the larger tube. In this form you can return it to the set.

5. You must stick the warning label on the set, otherwise you are not allowed to send the blood sample. It reads: "Biological Substance, Category B". After doing this you can send it to us by post.

Please send two filled tubes if you want two genetic analysis, i.e. Foodprint and allergy analysis. This is very important for the analysis.

That was all. The whole goes back to the set and please make sure that you put the stickers on the set. A dry bag is included in the set; this will help to further dry the samples in case there are cotton samples.

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from us by email once the sample has arrived and we start with the analysis. That's all that has to be considered when ordering our analyses and providing the samples. Thank you very much!

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