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Overview of genetic tests

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Overview of genetic tests

Chapter 19

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Section 1: Intro

Chapter 19. An overview of the analyses in our portfolio. We have many different genetic tests, but in my opinion the ones that are really interesting are: the preventive medical genetic tests as well as the lifestyle genetic tests. These are classified into two different brands.

There is the DNAhealthControl brand, which is a genetic testing program that focuses on diseases, disease risks, drug mechanisms (which drugs work better, which ones should be avoided), the optimal therapies and the prevention programs. These latter are all about diseases and health. The kind of task that should be done by doctors who can guide you through the prevention program.

This is the DNAhealthControl section and there is the DNAnutriControl section. This focuses on issues like weight loss; how my body responds to certain nutrients; which nutrients I should avoid and which ones I can eat more of. It is about healthy diet; what food is good for me, what food is bad for me. There are very strong and big differences from one person to another.

Then, micronutrients; what kind of vitamins work for me, which ones are required in high dosages, which ones are going to be effective. There is also sports, like athletic performance. This is the DNAnutriControl area. While these are really for doctors, they should use them for medical uses to help in prevention. The DNAnutriControl section is for people who work with weight loss diet and so on. Dietitians use them. Sports people can use them to help lose weight. Eighty percent of people who do sports want to lose weight. This is an area where these programs can be used very well. Athletic performance is for professional athletes who want to improve their performance through the right nutrition.

This here is an overview of our current portfolio. It might already be different if this is a bit into the future as we keep developing new tests. I want to talk you a little through the different portfolios and programs that we have, which will help you understand the program.

Section 2: The weight sensor

I want to start with the DNAnutriControl program. Let us start with the weight sensor. The weight sensor is for overweight people who want to lose weight. It is a program that will send a person through more exercise and eating less. It is about the standard options of losing weight.

However, we fine-tune the program based on genetics. Therefore, eating less is something that they are going to do. However, based on genetics, you can eat more fat, less carbohydrates or less fat, more carbohydrates. Then, we can modify the diet. When you eat less, you also eat less of the food that would be a problem for you and more of the food that is not. We can also adjust the sport program that you should do to lose weight.

So, a person who is overweight should use the weight sensor. That person will also get the food list. It contains more than one thousand types of food that are rated in terms of their potential for gaining weight. If I am fat sensitive, which I am, I am carbohydrate insensitive but fat sensitive, for all food that is bad for me, I get a red bar. Everything that contains more carbohydrates and less fat is good for me in terms of obesity. Then, I get a green bar.

The weight sensor contains the food list. If a person is overweight and wants to lose weight, he has to do this. Do not think that you do a genetic test and then you can sit on a couch and you lose weight. It is still a weight loss program. You eat less, you eat healthier, you do more exercise, but you do the right type of these options and this increases the effect.

Section 3: The nutrition sensor

Ok, that is the weight sensor. There is the nutrition sensor. As I said, we have this food list which tells you this food causes you to be overweight and this one does not. Both of them might be milk products. This does not tell me yet I am lactose intolerant. That is why milk products are not a good healthy idea for me.

The nutrition sensor tests more than fifty genes. It looks at all of the different disease risks. Then, it modifies my nutrition so that I avoid food that is bad for me like lactose, iron-containing food, if you have an iron overload disorder. If I have a high risk of osteoporosis, I need more food that contains calcium. If I am lactose intolerance, well it is not milk products but other calcium sources and so on. By looking at these fifty genes, we look at more than twenty metabolic problems that are genetically modified.

Then, basically we need to find out what food is good for you and what food is bad for you. As you can see, the nutrition sensor also contains a food list. So, you can say I only want to know what is healthy for me and what is not. You need to do the nutrition sensor, then you get the food list. Then, you get smileys. These are little faces. If you get many happy faces, it means it is very healthy for you. If you get many sad faces, it is very unhealthy for you, or you get anyone in-between. This is the nutrition sensor. A person says I want to know how to eat healthy but I do not want to lose weight, he should do the nutrition sensor. A person wants to know how to lose weight, he just should do the weight sensor. A person who wants to know how to modify his whole nutrition to suit his genes, he does the whole package, the DNAnutriControl package. This is the main lifestyle program.

Section 4: The athletic sensor

There are some other programs like the Athletic sensor. It says the athletic sensor here which we renamed it to sport sensor. This is new a product that has been launched in 2014. This program basically looks at these aspects. However, it is modified for athletes.

An athlete who wants to have better performance has a number of factors that need to be considered. For one thing, if a person who wants to run in a marathon and he is genetically lactose intolerant, he does not really need to drink a milkshake before running because he is going to have digestive problems. This is a very obvious way in which genetics can modify athletic performance. There are also other things like detoxification of certain toxins is inhibited by genetic variations. So, people should avoid certain food and eat some other food to help the body detoxify, to make sure it is free from toxins and has optimal health.

Genetic variations can also influence the functions of the joints and increase the risk of joint disease for certain diets and we can modify this. The athletic sensor is for professional athletes who want to know what to eat, what balance of carbohydrates and fat they should eat to get the best performance, what micronutrients they will need and in which dosage, because professional athletes produce a lot of free radicals. They are a kind of toxic chemicals and substances that start destroying the tissues. These free radicals need to be neutralized. People who do not do athletic sport, they produce a certain amount and we have a certain amount of vitamins that neutralize these. However, professional athletes, similar to smokers or alcoholics, they produce many more free radicals. Therefore, they need a higher dose of antioxidants to neutralize them and protect the tissues.

Again, you need to modify the nutrition to make sure you get enough of these antioxidants. However, there is also the possibility to use supplements to combat these free radicals. Then, there are some athletes who need to lose weight to go into a certain weight class of a combat sport for example. This kind of sport includes the weight sensor into the program. So, an athlete can use the whole program to eat right and if it is also necessary to lose weight, for example, in combat sports to fall into a certain weight class. There will be a problem when you want to lose weight and also train. You want to have a high performance, however, you want to lose weight and to have a high performance you need as much energy as possible.

To lose weight effectively you should eat as little energy as possible. It is really the opposite thing that you are trying to do at the same time. What we did in this program is we kind of integrated the weight sensor system. We found out what balance of carbohydrates and fat you need for optimal performance. It is different for endurance sports and sprint sports for example. We reduced the overall amount of calories. So, you are taking fewer calories than you should eat. Then, you need to maintain your weight.

However, the calories that you eat are still the best possible balance for a high performance. This is also integrated here. If you are an athlete, no matter what kind, and you want to improve your performance through the right nutrition, the sport sensor is the right program. It does not make sense to all of this together with any of these because the nutrition and the weight sensor are both included in this program in a modified way. Therefore, athletes should do this and people who do not do competitive sports should order one of these.

Section 5: NutrimeNutrition

NutrimeComplete is called NutrimeNutrition. It is a personalized supplement because from the nutrition sensor, the flatic sensor, we find out how many free radicals you produce and how many antioxidants you should eat to reduce that. By this concept, we are giving a dose of more than twenty different micronutrients based on your genetics. This is what it looks like in the end.

This is NutrimeNutrition. This is personally created based on your genetic profile. There are seven hundred trillion different recipe options and only one of them applies to you. This is really highly personalized. It is made of many small pellets, called micro transporters each of which contains one vitamin. By mixing them together in different combinations or different dosages, using a spoon you get your own personalized mixture that makes sure you get the right dosages for your genes. This can be ordered in addition to the nutrition sensor or the athletic sensor, but you really do need the genetic results in order to be able to produce this system. It will be adapted with increasing age. It gets your body all the nutrients that you need based on your genetics.

This is a supplement that can be taken on a daily basis. On the other side here, there is the Nutricontrol recipe book. This is based on the weight sensor. It is a book that will use your genetics to find out if you are carbohydrates sensitive and fat insensitive for example. We know how much you are allowed to eat. This recipe book is going to give you forty different daily menus of what kind of food you can eat. You can pick and choose what appeals to you. It will also give around one hundred different recipes.

These are more elaborate recipes of many ingredients. The ingredients are regulated up or down to make sure that you lose weight or maintain weight using this. This is the recipe book which can only be purchased based on the weight sensor. We need genetic information from this to create the recipe book.

Section 6: NutriMe Weight Management

Then, there is the NutriMe Weight Management and it looks like this. It is a supplement. It is actually a medical product. A medical product means it is registered as a medical product. There is science that has shown that it works the way it claims to work. It is based on the weight sensor. In the weight sensor, we find out you are carbohydrates insensitive and fat sensitive.

There are two components that go into this product. One of them is like a sponge that absorbs fat and prevents it from being absorbed into the body. For a fat sensitive, it is going to have a better effect. The other one prevents your body from breaking down the long chain of carbohydrates into small pieces. If you do not break them down, they cannot go into the blood stream and they remain in the intestine. Besides changing your diet, which you will have to do with the weight sensor, you can use it as an additive system. This is also personalized for you.

You get this list of compartments. Each one of these contains a certain number and a certain combination of these medical products, which are based on your genetics. It is going to have your name in here. It will help you maintain the balance of the calories and reduce the total amount of calories that your body is absorbing while eating the same amount of food. This is a good idea during the weight loss phase, when you want to lose weight rapidly. It is going to speed things up. It is also a good way to later keep your weight well. When you realize that your weight slightly increased, you can use it to reduce it again, If change in food preferences is not enough to keep it easily. This is a supplement that can only be ordered when we have the genetic information from the weight sensor because it is personalized. Ok, this is the DNAnutriControl programs.

Section 7: Blood analyses

Down here, we have a certain amount of blood analyses. These are always done by saliva. Saliva has all of the genes of the body and we can do all of these analyses. In blood analyses, we can test certain anti-bodies.

For example, the allergy sensor tests for IGE anti-bodies. An anti-body is kind of like a recognition tool of certain substances. They are usually meant to recognize bacteria that invade the body so that the immune system can fight them. In allergies, these recognition machines recognize something that is not actually dangerous and interpreted to be dangerous. That is what we can test, but in order to test these anti-bodies, we need a blood sample that can be collected with standard sets. With a finger prick, you collect few drops of blood, you send them in to test for one hundred and twelve allergies.

Then, there is a food print. This tests for IGG anti-bodies. It is a kind of like the allergy test. However, it tests for slow reacting allergies. The allergy sensor is like when you eat nuts, you immediately sweat up. The food print is a slow reaction. It can take you hours and days to feel bad. It helps with detecting food intolerances and you find out a whole list of two hundred different types of food that you might want to avoid or you can eat without a problem if you have food intolerances. These are allergies. They are not caused by genes. It is not a genetic test. This is important to know.

The nutrition sensor will help you eat the right stuff to stay healthy. These tests will help you find out the digestive problems that you have and help you solve them. If you order them together, you will really have to combine the results yourself. The nutrition sensor will tell you, based on your genes, what sort of nutrients you need.

Then, we have a urine analysis. The baby sensor 100. This test is for newborn babies. However, you must not misunderstand this. It is ethically questionable whether it is a good idea to test a baby for a risk of Alzheimer’s disease or osteoporosis. All these diseases that happen when you are seventy or eighty. In my opinion, it is not a good idea and necessary. You can wait till the baby grows up to be eighteen and he/she chooses by himself/herself whether to know this information.

There are certain genetic tests that simply do not make sense. They are not urgent enough to do to babies. There are, however, a number of genetic diseases that can occur at an earlier age. They usually happen between the age of forty eight hours to five years. These diseases happen before a child can decide for itself. In most cases, these diseases are completely preventable, if only you know about them. It is a change of nutrition, then you can improve the child’s health. In many cases, you can avoid the slow development of the child, mental or physical retardation or other physical or mental problems. In many cases, this can be helped. It is kind of like the newborn screen program that every child goes through in many countries of Europe. For example, in Germany and Austria, there are fourteen diseases that have been tested. Because if you know soon enough, right after birth, you can do something about it.

This program extends this concept to one hundred and eleven tests. This test will not tell you anything about osteoporosis or any diseases that happen late in life. It just focuses on the sensitive tests for newborn babies. So, do not confuse this with the Alzheimer test for babies. If a newborn baby needs a health test or a prevention test, this is the test you go for and we need a urine sample which can also be collected with a sample set. This here is the lifestyle kind of area. This is partly for nutritionists, also for doctors and for sport studios and so on.

Section 8: The DNAhealthControl

The medical part, the DNAhealthControl has a quite few more different genetic tests. I want to talk you through this. Let us first have a look at the individual test. The Breast Health Sensor and Prostate Health Sensor determine the risk of breast or prostate cancer, depending on whether you are male or female. If the prevention advice helped change your lifestyle to reduce the risk if you have a very high risk, it helps you to detect it early if it is ever created or if it ever develops. If it has developed, it helps you to modify or optimize medication for it. Many of these programs will have these three functions. Prevention, if it is detected earlier or if it already happened, it means better treatment. It is not a program high risk-good luck. No matter what stage you are, if you do not have the disease or you already have it, it will always give you a benefit. It always tell you how to optimize the treatment or to prevent a disease, which is obviously the best thing to achieve. This tells you really the risk of a disease. It helps you prevent it as good as possible. It also treats it better.

The Bone Health Sensor for osteoporosis, again, helps you prevent it and treat it better if you develop it.

The Toxo Sensor is about detoxification. There are toxins like smoke, soot and so on. Smoke from cigarettes that enter our body. Our body has certain genes that recognize these toxins and neutralize them so that they do not cause cancer for example. Some people have genetic variations that break this function. Some people smoke. They have detoxification. It is not a problem. Other people smoke the same amount. They do not have this protection. Then, they have a very high risk of developing lung cancer for example. The same is true for symptoms of heavy metals, free radicals, alcoholism and other substances. Anything to do with toxification, changing the lifestyle to improve toxin load in the body is in the toxo sensor.

The Pharmaco Sensor is kind of at the same area. It looks at medication, toxification. If you take a drug, it is modified in the body and removed from it. That is the normal way. However, if the genes that should do this process are broken, the drug might not be removed from my body. I take it three times a day and it increases and causes severe side effects. Here we have more than two hundred sixty different drugs that can be modified in doses. Be careful with this drug, better use another one or you only use half of a dose or some people might need to use twice the dose because they are breaking it down too fast. This is an optimization of medication for two hundred and sixty drugs.

The AMD Sensor is age-related macular degeneration. This is an eye disease. It is strongly genetically influenced. It basically causes a problem right where you look. So, first it becomes grey and then you completely lose sight. You can still see all around but not where you focus your eye. That is an eye disease that causes many cases of blindness. There are certain environmental factors that we need to avoid if you get this disease. It really helps you prevent it if possible, change your lifestyle to have the best chances of preventing it, also to detect it early through some tests you can do to get treatment if it ever happens.

Glaucoma is also an eye disease. It is pretty much the opposite of macular degeneration. This is the field of sight decreasing from the outside. It is quite easy to treat by eye drops, but usually by the time you get the first symptoms, ninety five percent of the cells are already damaged. Then, this really helps in early detection. You find out that you have an extremely high risk, you find out how often you should go to see an eye doctor and what sort of tests should be done, and then it motivates you to go there regularly. Whenever it develops, you can treat it and save your eyesight.

Then, the Thrombo Sensor is all about thrombosis. Certain genes prevent thrombosis in your body. Thrombosis is a blood clot that blocks blood supply to other areas of the body and can cause a stroke, a heart attack and so on. This is the genetic risk as well as the treatment and medication that you can use to treat increased risk. It is also interesting for women who want to use hormone replacement therapy because if they have a genetically high thrombosis risk, this is a very bad idea. It is very dangerous. Also for hormone preparations for contraception. Young women should be tested before they get hormone substances because, in combination with thrombosis, it can be a very high risk of disease.

Then, the general cardiovascular disease. That is cholesterol, homocysteine, HDL cholesterol, sudden cardiac death. It is all about the risks, what medication works for you, what prevention you should do, and if it really develops how can you treat it best?

The Diabetes Sensor concept is about how high is risk of diabetes. What kind of preventive measures are effective for you? What should you follow based on your genetic risk? Then, if you develop it, what drugs are more effective and how can you optimize your medication therapy? The Habintation sensor is all about blood pressure. You can obviously measure it with a normal blood pressure measurement. It really does not help you much in detecting it early, but it helps you with choosing the right drugs if you need to be medicated for it, because some drugs are just more effective, others are not. It helps you optimize your therapy.

The Gluten Sensor is all about celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein in wheat that causes a very strong effect in people who are gluten intolerant. It helps you find out whether you have the genetic predisposition. If you develop it, it helps you to choose food that does not cause a problem for your digestion.

The Lactose Sensor is the genetic variation that causes lactose intolerance, one of the most common food intolerances that we have. Twenty percent of the population are affected by it. Here, we can test the gene. We can find out if you are developing this disease. We can help you diagnose it right in time. It usually takes five years for a correct diagnosis.

The IBD Sensor is for chronic diseases or inflammatory diseases. It is basically a disease where your intestine gets inflamed and your genetic variations increase the likelihood and we help you diagnose it correctly. It will also help you how to change your diet to best combat the symptoms. It will not help you to completely treat it if you have the disease, but it will help you manage the symptoms and improve the medication therapy if you are in a medication therapy. We just find out the dosage, what drugs are useful for it.

The Alzheimer Sensor is for Alzheimer’s disease. It is a disease that is currently still untreatable. However, there are a number of environmental factors and prevention factors that can reduce the likelihood of getting it and can delay the onset. Here, we find out the likelihood of developing the disease. We can find out how you change your nutrition, how you exercise your mind to keep it mentally fit. What sort of preventive measures can you do? Coffee drinking, for example, is surprisingly beneficial to avoid or reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a determination of the risk, lifestyle change to reduce the risk of developing the disease and if you develop it, it helps you choose the right medication. Again, it is a whole program for every stage of the disease.

The Joint Sensor is about rheumatoid arthritis. Basically, genes modify the aggressiveness of the immune system and the immune system can attack the cartridge in the finger joints and in all joints. By having a genetic test you find out the risk. You can change your diet and nutrition to avoid substances that speed up the process. Also medication. If you really need to be medicated for this disease, it can be modified. It can help you choose from the drugs that work and the ones that do not and avoid side effects. There is a constant invasion and a constant fighting back. This works normally in these people.

However, some people have a too strong immune system. When bacteria enter the gums, the immune system reacts with all force. The immune system causes the problem. It causes the bones to weaken and eventually the teeth can fall out. Another factor is if you have a titanium implant, a screw that can be fixed into the bone to attach a tooth, some people with a genetic variation have a very high risk of losing the implant because the immune system reacts. We can estimate the risk of the disease, give preventive advice to reduce the risk, more hygiene. Dentists should also be visited more often. They can do certain things to reduce the risk. In addition, when you need an implant you should choose the right material so that you do not lose the implant within a few weeks due to bad reactions.

Then, the HIV Resistance Sensor. There is an interesting effect. There are some people who appear to be resistant to the AIDS HIV virus. That is because they have certain variations where the virus cannot enter the cells. Some people are completely resistant. Other people have a slow progression because one is normal and one is a mutated gene. For one thing, if you are HIV-infected, you can do this test to find out how fast the progression is likely to be due to this gene. However, more importantly, if HIV is treated correctly you almost have a normal life span. Effective medical treatment is very important for HIV patients. What we find out here is first the resistance starters, but more importantly which drugs work, which ones do not, which ones cause side effects and what dosages should be used. This is a very important fact in the HIV resistance sensor.

Then, the Iron Sensor that detects how much iron you absorb from food. Some people have a genetic variation that absorbs too much iron, which causes caesium chromotosis. When some people have this, it is a very nice example of preventive genetics. When you have this genetic variation, you can do prevention. That is to go to blood donations, six times a year. Blood contains a lot of iron. You lose a lot of blood through this blood donation. Your body builds new blood and this lowers iron content in your body. By doing this regularly, you can stay healthy. Really, it is blood donation to stay healthy. These are not general guidelines like eat healthy and do exercise, which everybody knows. Some of these preventive measures are very specific. This is the iron sensor. Here you see these kind of boxes. These are just different packages.

For example, the Gastro Intestine Sensor, you can see it in this box here, includes all of these three products here. It is the lactose, gluten and the IBD sensor. It is all about digestive problems. If a person has digestive problems, and we do not know what it is, this might be a good test for the genetic side. From the food side, food print or allergy sensor might also be an approach. If it is the genes, we find it here, and if it is the fast acting allergies or the slow acting allergies, we find it here. Then, the primary prevention sensor contains thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These four will be included in the primary prevention sensor.

The Fem Sensor 40+ or the Andro Sensor 40+ contains breast and prostate cancer, bone health, osteoporosis, detoxification, thrombosis and cardiovascular disease.

Then, the Premium Sensor contains all of these in here. You also see here the Nutrition Sensor. This is exactly the same thing that I have told you before. This here is the same as this.

Then, we have the Premium Plus which also contains the diseases down here and also the weight sensor. This whole program is included in the premium plus. Just some information.

Here, the Weight Sensor is the most popular and in the medical side it is usually the premium plus that is most popular. It is always the whole panel that patients are interested in rather than the individual test.

Then, we got these three down here, which do not really make sense to put into a panel because they are very specific. This sensor is for hyper activity disorder. It helps you identify the risk of developing the disease. In this case, it is for children that are hyper active or inattentive. There are two different kinds, a hyper active or an inattentive type and it tells you which type is likely. It also helps you choose the right medication and the right dose in case it is a child who needs to be medicated.

Then, there is the Fem Sensor Pregnancy which contains the most important test for pregnancy, including thrombosis which causes one third of all deaths during pregnancy. How to combat this? How to make sure that the mother and child are safe from thrombosis in this case?

The Female Health Sensor is kind of like the Fem Sensor 40+. It has been produced by the well-known cardiologist, Doctor Hoover. He is an Austrian cardiologist and he created this panel based on his deep understanding of hormones and of the health aspects of women. This is the concept of lifestyle genetic, athletic performance genetics, the blood analyses that we have and medical genetics. It is really important medical genetics.

This is all about the diseases that should be done with a doctor, in combination with a doctor or the person should really visit a doctor with the result to make sure that the guidance through the program is done correctly. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the law even does not allow doing medical genetics without a doctor being involved, which is a sensible idea. Lifestyle genetics also makes sense only with an expert in the field. Nutritionists use nutrigenetics and sports studios use weight management testing.

Section 9: End

This is an overview of the portfolio of the different tests. There will be a training session for each one of these products and you can look at them separately. This was just an overview of what sort of genetic test will be suitable for what sort of patient or person. This is the end of chapter nineteen, an overview of the analyses (end).

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