Process Training

DNAnutriControl employee training

DNAnutriControl employee training

Properly training the employees who work with the program is essential for the success and the proper counseling of clients. For this reason we have developed a recommended procedure i.e. videos, that give you all the information needed and helps you to train yourself to add the product.

Step 1) Learn how to use the sample set properly

There are certain things that must be observed when using the sample sets. Watch this video to learn exactly what is important when applying for a genetic analysis.

Proper handling

Step 2) Conduct their own genetic analysis

Every employee should have one analysis completed so they can really stand behind the product. So start by having your own gene analysis. There are special analysis conditions for employees.

Step 3) Watch training videos

There are a number of training videos that employees should view and understand the concept behind the analysis to be able to explain it properly. Explore each of these video trainings attentively:

Genes and obesity

NutriMe Weight Management

Nutrition and genetics

NutriMe Complete

Step 4) Receive and read its own analysis

When you receive the analysis, read them carefully. You will learn the most about the analysis.

Step 5) Watch video consulting and learning advice

There is a video for end-users in which a report is read in order to help customers understand the results and the program. Try putting yourself in a customer’s shoes and look at the video with your program in hand. This way you will learn how to perfectly explain the report.

Consulting video for DNAnutriControl

Step 6) Test counseling for colleagues

Finally, you should make a practice run with a colleague who has also made the analysis. Take his booklet and explain its result in a test-counseling session. Switch roles and now you are the customer who needs clarifications.

Step 7) Practice frequently in the interest of your customers

Plan how you will answer when a customer asks for further details. Have Flyers with information material and practice the typical questions that you will probably be asked.

Step 8) Distribute marketing materials

Distribute flyers and posters in your rooms to draw the customers’ attention on the new offers.