Questions about nutrition and genetics

NutriMe Complete

I have difficulties in swallowing the NutriMe Complete supplement.

With NutriMe Complete, Genosense supplies food supplements too. What exactly does NutriMe Complete give to me?

How many different pellets are in each NutriMe Complete and do they differ in amount, speed of breakdown, and method of metabolism?

Food list

Why the product x in has two green smileys a food list, though I'm intolerant/allergic to product x?

Why do we sometimes get in the results that someone can’t have chocolate but they can have chocolate sauce?

Within the food list in the table sometimes there is some food you can’t have like potato and oils for example and then in the food menu component part it says you can have French fries so what is the reasoning behind having contradictory result, does it have to deal with the proportion within the meal that’s why we can have it?

What happened to the Lebanese food?

Why there is no egg boiled or fried only chicken egg, pasta with egg?

A customer has on her potential snack “bean salad any amount" but on her NOT allowed list she has: lima beans, white beans, chickpeas, kidney beans so what can she do?

Also in the fat section she said that canola oil, almonds, low fat mayonnaise are not present does that mean that she can have them?

Why are the fish items in the food list always the most affected for weight when someone is sensitive to fat? Some people can have meats but not fish although in general fish has a lower fat concentration.

Nutrition Sensor

What happens when you eat more protein that carbohydrates or fat, as proteins are not a direct energy supplier but building material for cells?

What do I have to keep in mind and/or be cautious of when I remove one food group from my diet?

Where does the nutritional information of the various foods origin from?

Where does the information on the individual nutrients for the menu components origin from? Which menu composition is the basis?

Why do we sometimes get in the results that someone can’t have chocolate but they can have chocolate sauce?

DNA Package

What can one find out with this DNA-test, the DNAnutri Package?

Recipe Book

In the recipe book, there is only gram information and no items. How do I explain that?

Questions about the final report

In the table there are 2 columns, "RDA" and "your requirements". In the legend to this, it says "... RDA ... and to what degree your daily requirements are different". Which is correct? Is the 2nd column my actual requirements, or the deviation from the RDA?

How do I explain the contradictory situation where the calcium and vitamin D3 requirements are about twice the RDA amount, and the same time the calcium intake is reported as normal, and the genetic risk of osteoporosis, however, is only average? Does not the risk correlate with the increased recommended daily requirement of micronutrients? Or can you not simply figure it this way?

Why do you recommend taking in antioxidants in the form of coffee? In your opinion, aren't there any foods that make more sense?

If it says for both coenzyme Q10 and magnesium under "effect of individual food components based your genes" that this should be increased, but the individual daily requirement of both micro-nutrients according to the table is well below the RDA, this is a contradiction according to my understanding à Which statement has more weight? Or how do the two statements complement each other?

The comment of the test saids he has elevated risk, but yet the arrow was pointed at green area,